our girls

We currently have 6 girls living at Himalayan Joy Home: Sophia (8), Suneha (8), Sunana (6), Kushi (5), Rajbir (4), and Gagandeep (3).  As some of you may know, we lost our precious Grace early 2019 due to multiple health issues. We thank God for the time we had her and that she is no longer suffering. Each girl has her own heartbreaking story but now share life together in a home filled with songs, giggles, and love.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, India has been hit hard leaving many families devastated and not able to provide for their families. In the village near HJH many families have come to Ruth wanting to leave their daughters at the home. In response, HJH has agreed to "adopt" the youngest (also typically the most vulnerable) girl from four different families. So we welcome Mamta(3), Roshni(5), Sana(5), and Aradhna(7) to our HJH family. Due to Covid precautions, these girls are being sponsored with food, supplies, and schoolwork, remaining with their families for the time being. We hope that once the impacts of Covid are over that some of these girls remain with their families if we are convinced it is a safe situation. We praise God that we can help these girls and families even in this small way during these times.

our team

We are made up of a small, but mighty team of volunteers. God has brought us together from various backgrounds and specialties, uniting us all around this cause. As this ministry grows, the need for more volunteers will too. If you are interested in joining our team please contact us here.